1. Learning what New World Order symbols mean enables you to identify efforts to defile you.
2. Unawareness of these symbols can lead to using the symbols and spiritually opening doors for evil to enter your life.
3. You can avoid purchasing products that are promoting occult symbols.

Children often wear the peace symbol and their parents are unaware of the anti-Christian history of the symbol.




New World Order Symbols

1. 666 number and in the form of pictures which are often created camouflaging the numbers. The mark of the Beast is described in Revelation 13:18.

2. Udjat or the all seeing eye of Lucifer is a symbols referring to the King of Hell which is ultimately Satan. If drawn with a tear below the eye it is to shown Lucifer mourns for those outside his influence.

3. A triangle with one eye which is on the back of U.S. dollar bill.

4. Peace Symbol or broken Upside Down Cross or the Cross of Nero symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. The upside down cross is often found in the logo of heavy metal music bands. For a detailed explanation click here.

5. Italian Horn  or the Unicorn horn or Leprechaun staff is believed to originate from the Druids in Scotland and Ireland. The symbol calls for Satan to help a person become wealthy.

6. Inverted Pentagram with two points up is used by Satanists to conjure up evil spirits.

7. Goat Head is the horned goat of Mendes or Baphomet. The symbol is used by Satanists to mock Jesus as the  "Lamb" who died for our sins.

8. Scarab Beetle  or the dung beetle which is Beelzebub or the Lord of the Flies which is Satan. The beetle is the Egyptian symbol of reincarnation and the symbol is worn by occultists for Satan's power and protection. 

9. Satanic Cross is the Christian cross with and upside down question mark on the bottom symbolizing questioning and rebelling against God.

10. Tau Cross is the symbol of Satan in the form of the Persian and Aryan god Mathras. Mathras, like Satan, is an "angel of light."  

11. Horned Hand is the thumb over the fingers and given by the left hand and when pointed at someone  it is meant to place a curse.

12. Lighting Bolt or the Satanic "S" symbolizes the destroyer cast from heaven and Lucifer's transformation to Satan. The symbol is used as the primary logo distinguishing mark by the Harry Potter brand, the KISS rock group, and Hitler's SS.



We live in a country bombarded with New World Order symbols. Often these symbols appear on television, in public schools, in government events, and on the products we buy.

Symbols are increasingly changing in corporate America to have hidden meaning changed with little notice. This is also happening within the government. Occassionally, the media notices the change as happened in the below report.



A real world example of a modern day symbol that is secretly communicating 666 is the Monster energy drink logo. In Hebrew, the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Vav and has a Gematria value of 6.

 The Monster energy drink logo, combines a lightning bolt and a snake-like with the Vav letter to produce a hidden 666 message.


To understand the subject of New World Order symbols, reading the Vigilant Christian books is recommended. Click here to read the Vigilant Christian I book.

To learn about Harry Potter, click here.

May the peace of the Lord be with you, Dave Dionisi