Vigilant Christian is a project of the Teach Peace Foundation.




Ways to Help

1. Buy copies of the books for family, friends and neighbors.

2. Call us to arranging for a presentation on one of the subjects in the book series.

3. Become a Vigilant Christian ambassador. Opportunities to be an ambassador include:
a) Promoting the books and this website via email.
b) Contacting radio shows to request the Vigilant Christian books be discussed. 
c) Helping as a volunteer by distributing Vigilant Christian information at conferences.

Reader Password 1

Password prompt

Send the two word chapter title from book 3 and chapter 9 in the subject line of an email to

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When you send the password in an email, you will receive access to areas of the website that expand upon concepts explained in the Vigilant Christian book series.

Click here for a sample.