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The New World Order Preventing an American Hiroshima The Occult Religion of the 9/11 Attackers     9/11 - The Secret War   Perfect Money Planning


The author, David Dionisi, supports the teachings of the Catholic Church. In his Vigilant Christian book series his goal is to help people with information to deepen their understanding of God and the world that we live in. In each book he is relentless in his documentation of each and every claim surfacing from his indefatigable research.

The following is from the Vigilant Christian I book foreword by Tom King, Ph.D.

Now I  move to reflect on the mind at work behind this book. How did it happen that David J. Dionisi, a former military intelligence officer, wealthy capitalist, once comfortable Republican, should come, like Saul on the road to Damascus, to a moment of truth so galvanizing it would simply jack-knife his lifestyle—transform him—so that, thenceforth, he would devote himself unstintingly in pursuit of a world in which acts of kindness might prevail over heinous violence?

The answer to this most interesting question of what would cause the author of this book series to forfeit life at the top of the American Dream is that he views people everywhere as his brothers, sisters, and children of God. David Dionisi is the extreme opposite of the crackpot conspiracist stereotyped by propaganda. He has been swept up by what we call a raison d'etre, a defining purpose. My own surmise is that, having seen further into the dark than most of us, David is driven by a defining faith that organized evil can be defeated, and when it is, the treasure is eternal.

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