This website and the books are a project of the Teach Peace Foundation.

Please be aware that other Vigilant Christian education on the Internet, especially many short videos on YouTube, are authored by people who are publishing information that is sometimes incorrect.



Ways to Help

1. Pray the Holy Rosary everyday.

2. Give copies of the books to family, friends and neighbors.

3. Help teach peace by:
a) Promoting the books and this website via email.
b) Contacting radio shows to request the Vigilant Christian books be discussed. 
c) Helping as a volunteer by distributing Vigilant Christian information at conferences.



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Please beware of websites that are anonymous or seek to confuse people about us or the Catholic faith. There are websites and even videos on YouTube that appear to be from us but are not. Sadly, people are sometimes confused but know that you can trust information on this website or on the site as accurate.

The Teach Peace Foundation promotes the Message of Fatima which is the only way to world peace. Specifically, the Pope must consecrate together with the bishops, on the same day, at the same time, the country and the people of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  When that happens, Our Lady promises in the name of God, great miracles would take place, miracles unseen in the whole of history of mankind when a period of peace will be given to mankind as a result of this simple act of obedience.

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