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Book 4

September 11, 2001 was the “New Pearl Harbor,” which helped dupe millions of people into supporting a U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

9/11 - The Secret War is the first book to correctly explain how and why the September 11, 2001 attacks were orchestrated.

Informed intelligence officers know that a powerful cartel used the intelligence services of multiple countries to execute the 9/11 attack. World leaders often know the truth and the former president of Italy, Francesco Cossiga said in 2007: "From sources near to Palazzo Chigi, the nerve center of Italian intelligence, we know that the video [of Osama bin Laden] is fake because in it Osama admits that he was the mastermind behind the attacks against the Twin Towers, while all the democratic groups in Europe and USA know very well that the attack was organized by the CIA and Mossad, with the help of the Zionist world, just to blame Arab countries and provide a reason for the invasion of both Iraq and Afghanistan. That is why nobody in parliament gave solidarity to Berlusconi, who is the author of the fake video."*

The truth is the people responsible for this terrorism, enemies of the U.S., Israel, Italy, and other countries around the world, sought to advance their plans for a totalitarian one-world government and achieve their spiritual objectives.

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*Source: Osama-Berlusconi?” Corriere della Sera, 30 November 2007. The Corriere della Sera is one of Italy’s most respected newspapers.