Book Series

The Vigilant Christian Book series


Book 1 - The New World Order (Trump Card Played edition)

The New World Order is the first in a five book series. This book contains evidence which describes the origin and development of modern secret societies. Written by a Catholic author and corporate Fortune 500 executive, this book is not what most people would expect given the title. This is a carefully documented and very thoughtful book helping people deepen their understanding of God. While sometimes surprising facts are revealed, Dionisi's work is consistently promoting the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Five star reviews from include:

The author does an excellent job of exposing the elite that are running the world. Almost half of every page shows where he got his information so that you can verify what he says. If you haven't read any other books on this subject, this is a good starting place. Richard and April Pensiero

This is a great synopsis about who is really running our country and the world, and it is not the president or congress. Mike Berge

I want to enthusiastically recommend these books to Christians and non-Christians alike.  Robert Bowman

For Christians and non-Christians alike, David Dionisi's book Vigilant Christian I is a rare and brilliant eye-opener on the world we've come to live in. It's like an update on Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States. Both penetrating and thorough, VCI goes where few have gone before, yet never takes a step which is not documented with manifold evidence. Tom King

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